Sri Lanka’s lush, subtropical rainforests provide the ideal environment for a diverse range of foliage. The island’s central highlands receive rainfall from monsoon winds that blow in from the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal, making it the perfect location for horticulture.

At EVR Exports, we recognize the beauty of nature and our responsibility to preserve it. We take pride in being one of the foremost suppliers of a wide range of tropical cut foliage products, including dracaena, massangeana, Sanderiana, cane palms, and song of Jamaica. We are committed to finding a balance between environmental protection and our business potential.

As a fast-growing tropical foliage nursery, EVR Exports is driven by a dedicated team of technical experts. Our facility is located in close proximity to the Colombo International Airport, and we currently operate on 10 hectares of land growing quality foliage of different varieties unique to the Sri Lankan habitat. Additionally, we operate a modern packing center equipped with fully automated temperature control facilities and maintain globally accepted standards.

Our strength lies in our professional task force, which is fully committed to accomplishing our objectives. We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality foliage while adhering to ethical and sustainable business practices. Thank you for choosing EVR Exports as your partner in the world of tropical foliage.

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